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Peipei's experience as a Martial Artist, Stunt Woman, Dancer combined with her knowledge of Computers and Software,  has assissted her as a VFX Computer Animator/ 3D Story Board Artist and Editor for Feature Films.


Along with amazing talented Artists , Peipei worked with VFX Supervisors, and  Directors like Sam Raimi, Gore Verbinski, and Steven Sommers to help develop story, shot composition , timing, for VFX and Action Sequences on films like Superman Returns, Pirates of the Caribbean and Thor Ragnarok .


Proficient and experience in in:

  • Adobe CC (Premiere, After Effects Illustrator, Photoshop)

  • Character & Camera animation in Maya

  • Final Cut Pro

  • Camera Operation with Canon DSLRs/ Go Pros.

PeiPei also enjoys working on Action Design/ Live Action Vis., to help production figure out how to shoot action.  She can asisst in Choreography, Camera Operation, and Action Direction, and Editing.

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